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Z-CoiL® Footwear Can Help Make Weight Loss Commitment Easier in 2009

Z-CoiL Footwear
Z-CoiL Footwear
Z-CoiL Footwear
Obesity is rapidly becoming a national epidemic and a strain on healthcare costs. According to numbers posted by the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 60 percent of adult Americans are overweight or obese. With these startling statistics, people are clearly placing a strain on their bodies. However, Americans can now spring into action and turn their New Year's resolutions into healthful achievements in 2009 with the help of Z-CoiL® footwear.

According to a study published by the University of Colorado at Boulder, slower, longer walks are more effective for obese individuals who want to start an exercise program and lose weight. Yet, the best of intentions may be waylaid by pain. Thankfully, Z-CoiL® footwear is engineered specifically to relieve foot, leg, and back pain. Its patented, shock-absorbing design greatly reduces impact to the body and distributes pressure more evenly across the foot than conventional shoes do.

"I was 35 years old and on blood pressure medication and medication to treat acid reflux disease. I was also 350 pounds," says George H. of San Diego, who had never fully recovered from knee and back injuries he'd suffered years before. "I was advised by my doctor that I had to act before it was too late. So I started with baby steps, simple walks. But 10 to 15 minutes into my walks, my knees were hurting and my back soon followed. I spent more time recuperating from the walks than on the actual walks."

When George discovered Z-CoiL® footwear, he found daily exercise was not only possible, but a pleasure. "For the first couple of days," George reports, "my legs were a little sore, but nothing compared to the knee or back pain I used to experience. I believe it was my body adjusting to the new shoes and the proper way to walk. Now, I have no pain at all when I walk. Walking for 20 minutes each afternoon is a piece of cake."

Serious foot, leg, and back pain is often caused or exacerbated by wearing the wrong shoes. This is especially true for people who are carrying extra weight, considering that the force of impact on your body when walking is actually two to three times your body weight. Simply switching to shoes that reduce the shock of impact while providing adequate arch support may help in a big way to relieve a person's pain and improve mobility. When Z-CoiL® shoes are properly fitted, they can provide substantial, if not complete, pain relief for many conditions affecting the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

With 2009 now in full swing, those that are ready to make that weight loss commitment a priority can head to their nearest Z-CoiL® store. Z-CoiL® footwear is sold through stores by authorized Z-CoiL® distributors trained in the custom-fitting process. They believe that a personalized fit is essential for maximizing the amazing pain relief benefits of their shoes.

For more information about Z-CoiL® and to find the nearest Z-CoiL® store, please visit www.zcoil.com.

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