Pain Relief Footwear™
from Conception to Creation

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Z-CoiL Footwear

Alvaro Z. Gallegos inventor and founder of Z-CoiL®, the pain relief footwear™, developed the original Z-CoiL® in the early 1980's after having constant pains from running every morning. Alvaro's brilliant ingenuity made him think of an idea for a shoe that would fix and prevent these pains. A couple years later this idea went from a prototype that Alvaro used himself to a line of footwear that is now known around the world as "The Pain Relief Footwear".

Z-CoiL® has changed the lives of its customers, relieving their pain and restoring their mobility. People who spend hours on their feet, as well as those who suffer from back problems, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or have bone-on-bone knee issues, have praised Z-CoiL® because of the significant relief from pain experienced from simply changing their footwear to Z-CoiL®. With a unique conical-coil steel spring in the heel which absorbs up to 50 percent of the impact from walking or running as well as adding 40 to 50 percent energy return, the Z-CoiL® puts that extra "spring in your step" without the pain. The coil works in conjunction with a rigid, built-in orthotic, which protects and cradles the mid-foot, equalizing pressure distribution to reduce the occurrence of heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. Along with the Z-Coil® Spring these shoes come with extra thick cushioning in the forefoot providing total support to feet.

Z-CoiL Footwear

Specialists around the country are supporting studies and recommending Z-CoiL® to patients for foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and all back pains. Dr. Aaron B. Kaufman who specializes in Osteopathy says "I tell my patients that I'm addicted to my Z-CoiL® shoes!" The incredible popularity around the nation is evidence enough that the Z-coiL® brand is only going to continue to grow in the future. To learn more about Z-CoiL, the pain relief footwear, please visit their website at www.zcoil.com or call (800) 268-6239.

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